Refund policy

We cannot accept cancellations of orders, returns or exchanges of products due to customer convenience. Thank you for your understanding.

*When there is a rush of orders, delivery may be delayed as this product is made to order.
We cannot accept cancellations due to delays, so we appreciate your understanding in advance.

・We do not accept returns or exchanges for products purchased outside the LUXENT OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE.

- In the unlikely event that a product different from the one you ordered or a defective product is delivered, we will exchange it. (*Please send within 5 days of arrival, pay on delivery.)

We will not be able to accept requests for items that have been returned for more than 5 days after the date of delivery, so please check the condition of the item as soon as possible after receiving it.
Please note that if we do not have replacement stock, we may issue a refund.

・Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or refunds if any of the following apply.
① If 7 days have passed since the product arrived
② If there is any evidence that the item has been used, tried on, or cleaned (including cases where there are wrinkles, wrinkles, scratches, odor, etc.)
③ If the condition of the product at the time of return (including, but not limited to, the box and product accessories) is damaged, soiled, lost, etc. compared to when it was delivered.
④If you cannot confirm that the product was purchased at LUXENT OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE
⑤If you lose your delivery note
⑥If the product tag/label is cut off or lost
⑦If the package is opened for a product where the package is part of the product.
⑧If the product is a sanitary product such as underwear, swimwear, cosmetics, lucky bag, sale product, outlet product, or pre-order product
・For product return/exchange procedures, please contact us using the inquiry form.

⑨Roughness in sewing within our store standards (Depending on the product, there are products made in overseas factories, and compared to products made in Japanese factories, products made in overseas factories may have rougher stitching and may appear to have looser standards.)

・Even after your order is completed, we may not be able to prepare as many products as you ordered, and your order may be canceled. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.